Friday, March 22, 2013

Food allergies

Dylan's milk allergy in the last few months has gotten worse. It's going back to where it was at when he was a toddler. The slightest bite of cheese has him vomiting lately. It had gotten so much better to the point he could tolerate a little bit of ice cream etc.
He is coming home from school daily telling me that he can not have anything with peanuts in class. Bc a girl in class has a peanut allergy. This is aggravating to me. I don't have the school getting rid of milk products bc my child has an allergy and may eat it. I realize that peanuts are a little different bc they can be in a lot of things but milk is in a lot of things also. They have ice cream Fridays and Dylan can't have any of that but I don't refuse other kids the right to have it.
On top of it I believe Atticus has a slight peanut allergy. He ate some peanut butter the other day and broke out in hives again. He doesn't seem to be allergic to milk however. I just pray Luke has no allergies whatsoever. Austin can't eat melons without his throat swelling up. Me I can eat any and everything!
Atty and Luke are going through growth spurts this week. Both at the same time. I have one attached to me and the other climbing into his high chair screaming eat eat six times a day.
I am ready to hear back from college. Did I get in or not? Will I be going back to school? This is ridiculous its been about a month now since I applied.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Crazy Coupon Lady

Thats what I am becoming.
 I didn't think that I would be able to be successful at at but when I walked out of Walmart yesterday with a few items in my buggy that where completely free and saved fifteen dollars it was a rush. I got to the register and wondered if it was going to work if I was going to walk out without paying anything for a bath pouf and razers. LOL AND I did!
I didnt want to be one of those crazy ladies with twenty things of the same item and a bunch of coupons in hand and take forever at the register. BUT who cares!? I got free stuff! I started looking at Krazy Coupon lady, Coupon Mom, and Coupon Dad daily and they practically spell everything out for you. It doesnt get easier than that. What have I been doing all these years shopping without coupons is just crazy.
 The home inspection went pretty good. There is a concern about some water on the bottom floor. They think the sump pump wasnt working at the time it happened. And there was evidence the house had termites and had been taken care of years ago.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


We have a signed contract on a house in roanoke now. We both settled on a price. Now we get the loan, inspections, and keys. Woohoo... Lots of stress gone. Now I will be able to paint or put up a painting. It's nice to think of somewhere as ours.
I have been watching a new tv series. Games of thrones. I love it! I didn't like it at first but the more I watched the more I loved it.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Still sick

We are all still extremely sick. Dylan went back to school today and still isn't eating well. Atticus woke up this morning with vomiting and diarrhea just like Dylan two days ago. Evidently along with a terrible sore throat, fever, and runny nose this virus on day five or so you get severe vomiting and diarrhea to go along with the other. Lol worst virus I have had in years! Austin felt better enough to go to work today. He hasn't gotten the worst of it yet, and I pray he doesn't! someone in this house has to lift our heads out of the toilet.
The house fell through evidently her idea of working on the price with us going from 209 to 207, and we pay closing. We had to back away from that one of course.I wasn't completely sold on it anyway bc it was central heating and not gas. Believe it or not gas is way more efficient especially here. I am not upset about it, just wasn't meant to be. I have faith we will find the right home for us soon, and much better price than that one. We are going to look at more on Sunday afternoon again (I think if we are feeling better). Homes are expensive in roanoke. Much more so than in Alabama.  I wish there was a way on that buyers could make notes that everyone could see. Like owner can't come down price at all bc they don't have the equity or leak in the bathroom etc. it would be helpful. We are looking at two this Sunday  both in the same school district we are in now.  Same house practically one isn't finished but has a stand alone garage. The other is finished and has been taken better care of.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Poison Control

I knew I was going to have to call poison control eventually. It was only a matter of time especially with Atticus. He climbed on top of his dresser and found the desitin I sat there on the last diaper change. He painted his face with it and his lips. Of course he had to try a little. Poison control informed me that desitin is considered non toxic! THANK GOODNESS! Even though the label on the back clearly indicates to call immediately if consumed. Its my fault for leaving it on his dresser even though it was out of reach I know he can climb up there. Definitely a wake up call however.
Dylan got off the bus crying today because he pushed a little girl because he said she was excited and kept hitting him so he pushed her to get her to stop. The bus driver told us that he is a popular young man and that he gets complaints from different girls daily that they can not sit with him because a different girl is sitting with him. I called his teacher and told her to separate Dylan and the girl that the incident happened with. I dont know what else to do about it?
We made an offer on the house we looked at on Sunday. It was by no means perfect but we saw potential in making it work for us. It was listed at 209 and we offered 185. The rough will need replacing in the next two years. The deck wasn't under code, and two of the windows where not properly sealed in. I thought we where actually being generous with the 185. The came back with a counter offer of 207 and WE to pay closing! How ridiculous!  We counter offered again the last Final offer and we will just have to keep looking if they don't take it. We wanted to just walk away right then honestly.  We will see.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

House hunting

Our house hunting didn't go so well yesterday. The second house we saw an elderly lady couldn't leave for us to come and see her home. I suspect she will be going into a nursing home. She was so sweet however her home really wasn't for us. It had a few leaks in the bathroom. She just wasn't able to keep it up like it should have been. It's to much work than we are looking for right now.
We are going to see a house tomorrow that I secretly have high hopes for. It has a nice backyard with a tree house! It's four bedroom two baths.  But it's in the bonsack school district. This means we would have to change schools but they have better sol scores than mountainview. We know several children from Dylan's prek that already attend there and love it. Also it's in a different county that's lower taxes!
Dylan was sick yesterday and missed school too. He started running a high fever with  no other symtoms. He seems better today! Which is good. I hope it was only a twenty four hour bug. He did nothing but lay around and that's not like him at all.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Big Big Changes

Yes I am starting a blog! It's difficult to let family and friends know what's happening in our family especially since we live so far away. Honestly I am also tired of Facebook. I could really care less about when people are going to bed or what they are eating for supper. Hopefully I won't be that bland.
 It's March 1st! The sequester makes me want to vomit. Lots of stress going on. Husband isn't worried but I can't help to be. What this means for us? No vacation time which will reduce over time spending, hiring freeze (so we aren't going anywhere), and eleven days off without pay. What can I do to help us out is the biggest thing on my mind right now? I have started couponing which I should have been doing all along evidently. I have found all sort of resources online to help. Krazycouponlady and coupon divas are two of them that explain well. And I have learned how to make our own laundry detergent. Since then our babies skin has started clearing up and so has hubby's.
 We have also started looking for a home. Since we are not going anywhere anytime soon we are wasting money renting. We have been prequalified. And we have lots of positive things on our side. Interest rates aren't getting any lower and it's a buyers market right now. Which means we can negotiate pricing. We have looked at about thirty homes already. We found one that would have worked but the guy didn't have enough equity in the house to negotiate with us. The house needed some repairs so we came down in price bc of that. Anyway we ended up backing out of the deal bc he couldn't work with us. We are going today and Sunday to look at a few more homes. I have faith we will find one that suits us. Roanoke is full of split levels and split foyers. Problem is we just don't like them. Wow at the stress...
 Another big deal at least in my life is I have applied to go back to college in the fall or spring (depending on how everything goes with the house ordeal) I have been planning on it for quite sometime now but we have been unsure about where we are going to end up so I have kept putting it off. I hate to start something I can't finish. It makes me nervous going back. I graduated almost ten years ago. Kids are now taking labtops and iPads to school. Not pens and paper. I just hope I can keep up. I am also thirty one. Not exactly out of high school. I have picked a program and it's not criminology. I want something I can find a job in anywhere we go. I have told no one this except Austin.
Now on to our kids....Dylan is doing Amazing in kindergarten! I kid you not he is reading! Adding and subtracting. I am such a proud momma!
Atticus is all over the place. I can't turn my back for one minute before he is into something. He is such a climber. It's enough to give me a heart attack!
Lucas is so sweet. He has his four month drs appt next week. It will shock me if he isn't at the very least fifteen lbs. he is rolling over and pushing up on his arms. I planing starting solids after his appt  next week.